Purebred Breeders

Dairy cattle breeds

Du Louvion Harlinda Pere: Gold Chip Prop: EARL Lepoint, GAEC Leroy, 59. Bavay (Fr.) Photo: SIA Paris, 27 Fevrier 2017 – M 1702106
  • Holstein cow is known as the world’s highest-production dairy animal
  • The Holstein is the number one milk producer in France with 2.5 million cows. Its milk yield is estimated around 9226 Kgs, that contain an average of total protein (TA) about 32.1 and 40 for milk Fat rate (TB)
  • French Holstein is a large-bodied animal with an exceptional body condition and good feet and leg conformation.
  • It is highly adapted to any farming system.
  • Montbeliarde is a mixed dairy breed that enhances the quality of milk used for cheese making.
  • The calves have a good beef carcass quality.
  • The Montbeliarde remains the second French dairy breed. Its milk yield is estimated around 7157 Kgs, and contain an average of total protein about 33.1 and 38.9 for milk Fat rate.
  • The Montbeliarde is a remarkable cow with a good feet and leg conformation. It values pasture and hay.


  • The Normande is the 3rd French dairy breed with an 375,000 cows.
  • Very efficient and valued for its milk quality and its dairy production, it is highly recommended for the cheese making industry.
  • It values pastures very well and its meat is classified as excellent quality meat.
  • Milk yield is estimated around 6643 Kg, and contain an average of total protein about 34.8 and 42.5 for milk Fat rate.

Beef cattle breeds

  • The Gascon is a rural rustic cow which adapts easily to extremely high and low temperature (+40°C to -15°C).
  • With a number around 50,000 cows, the Gascon guarantees a very high calving percentage with 99% of success.
  • During transhumance from May to October, it can also be integrated into intensive systems with an average daily gain (ADG) of 1.8 Kg per day for its calves.
  • The target of one calf per year is an asset for the Gascon breed.
  • With nearly 200,000 cows in France, the Aubrac breed is very hardy and strong breed which adapts very well to difficult climatic conditions. 
  • Calving isn’t complicated with 97% of success and calves have high potential values.
  • Fattening cattle have important standards with an average of daily gain (ADG) of 1.6 to 2 Kgs per day.


  • The Charolais is the most common breed in France with 1.6 million cows.
  • Charolais cattle are large. They weight between 800 to 1000 Kg.
  • Pasture is extremely valorized by this breed.
  • Charolais cows have the potential for the production of excellent quality of carcass and meat.


  • The Limousin is the second French beef cattle breed with 1.1 million cows.
  • Weighing about 650 to 950 Kg.
  • It makes perfect use of pasture and the quality of its meat is recognized and approved worldwide.
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